Business Development Magazine

In 2017, we decided to start a business magazine. As part of our video production business, we were working with hundreds of businesses across the region. As a result, we were well positioned to recognise trends, key drivers and individual success stories as they began to emerge. BGmag was our contribution to a resilient and vibrant business community. The magazine began as an online website and within 6 months we were printing bi-monthly. In our first 12 months of operation, we saw a total reach of 500,000.

The Impact of Storytelling

From interviewing 9-figure startups to reporting on regional government spending, we were able to contribute to the economic conversation by shining the light on what businesses were doing to thrive in regional North Queensland.

We partnered with different sectors to promote local business, such as the Taste of Townsville campaign that saw us feature a large number of restaurants and caf├ęs.

Townsville 2.0

They say "perception is reality", and by showcasing the resilience, creativity and innovation of entrepreneurs and business leaders in the region, BDmag managed to shift the perception of the local business community. Our flagship campaign entitled Townsville 2.0 reached over 95,000 views on social media, was broadcast on local television and sparked an optimism and resourcefulness amongst young entrepreneurs.

Design, Photography & Video Production

As a creative team, we invested our visual storytelling skills into BDmag at every opportunity. All of the design, photography and video examples on this webpage were created by BlueKino team members. Below are some examples from within edition 3. We wanted to portray a level of maturity and elegant simplicity in our designs, and we even created many of the paid adverts ourselves to maintain a consistent visual style throughout.

We were overwhelmed with the support of the local business community at our official launch in September, 2017. Over 60 local business leaders and supporters were present at A Touch of Salt restaurant so welcome the first print edition along with our first online and TV collaborative campaign.

The Launch

Thank you!

We are so grateful to the Townsville business community for supporting and embracing BGmag. We could not have achieved what we have accomplished without your faith in us. BDmag is now run by Julie Johnston – a former BlueKino team member – and continues the vision of support local businesses.