Townsville City Council


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City Image Library

BlueKino was awarded the Townsville City Council tender to produce a complete library refresh of images and footage. The material produced would be used for placemaking and tourism as well as promoting many council facilities. The entire project was undertaken by the same DoP (Maddy Voinea) using consistent production and post-production processes to achieve a homogenous look throughout the entire library of work.

Web and Social Story

The key video deliverable for this project was a 2-minute postcard of the Townsville region and lifestyle. We provided a scripted (story form) version as well as a timeline video version (music bed only). The end product included a range of different cinematographic techniques – timelapse, aerials (helicopter and drone), underwater filming, steady-cam, locked off and handheld – combined to create an engaging visual experience creating a sensation of calm, peace and being at home.

Welcome to Townsville

The Story